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Frequently Asked Questions

I've created a hunt. How do I give it to someone?

There are a number of ways:

  • You can make your hunt public (settable from the More Hunt Details screen). Other players in your area will then be able to find and play it from the Play a Hunt->Find a Nearby Hunt screen. This is of course only recommended for hunts that are in public areas.
  • You can send people a link via email, text message, or Airdrop.
  • You can share your hunt on Twitter or Facebook (it's recommended that these be public hunts for obvious reasons).
  • You can display a QR code on your device that others can scan by going to Play a Hunt->Scan QR code.
  • You can print out an event poster that contains a QR code others can scan by going to Play a Hunt->Scan QR code.
  • As a last resort, you can explicitly give someone the hunt's code, which they can then enter from the Play a Hunt screen. This code can be accessed using either the Copy or Add to Notes share button. The text containing the hunt code (as well as a URL) will be copied to your clipboard or a new note.

To do one of these, tap the Share button at the bottom of the hunt's overview screen.

You can also have others play hunts using your phone. See the question My Child Doesn't Have an iPhone.

Can I reorder the clues in my hunt?

Yes. On the Create or Edit Hunt screen, you will see a 'Reorder/Delete' button above the list of clues. Tap this, and the clues will each show a three horizontal line 'handle' to the right. Drag a clue up or down to move it relative to its peers. You can also tap the little red '-' button to the left of a clue to remove it.

When I'm playing a hunt and I override the location or match, does anyone find out?

Yes. Your mother, and your fifth grade teacher.

In addition, the host and any players completing the hunt will be able to see that you did so on the player status page. Your host will have the option of verifying that these were legitimate, and if they deny your override, you may be penalized points.

There are of course very reasonable reasons to use the overrides. Our matching isn't perfect, and neither is GPS. We're working to improve these.

I created a clue that just won't match. What can I do?

Watch out for possibly changing shadows - it's best if you create a hunt that will be played around the same time of day as it was created. You will also want to use subjects that contain defined edges and interesting points, since matching uses these to compare the two images. Noisy patterns like foliage or carpeting make poor subjects.

What is a scavenger hunt?

Klikaklu hunts can either be treasure hunts or scavenger hunts. When playing a treasure hunt, each clue is revealed only after the previous clue has been found. Scavenger hunts show all the clues at once, and you can complete them in any order you wish.

How can I prevent my players from bunching up in a treasure hunt?

You can specify that the hunt has a staggered start, which will start each team on a different clue. From the edit hunt screen, go to More Hunt Details, then scroll down and turn on Stagger Start. The first team will start on clue #1, the second on #2, etc., and for players starting after the first clue, the hunt will loop around to the beginning clues they skipped at the end.

If some of your clues will be in a cluster (e.g. a road rally), where you don’t want some players to start halfway through the cluster and have to return to it to finish, you can specify which clues are eligible to be ‘start’ clues.

I'm making a hunt across several locations. Can I save changes before others see it?

As long as you haven't published your hunt or shared it with anyone, you're in good shape. And if you've already marked it as public, you can switch it back to private while you're editing (just be sure to save the marked). You may also change your hunt after people have played it, though it's not good etiquette (unless you're correcting a problem).

What is the starting point for?

This helps show your players where to begin. You might, for example, put a starting point at a trailhead or park entrance. When you specify Require Starting Point from More Hunt Details, Klikaklu will not let players see the hunt until they've arrived at the starting point.

Can I create a hunt without requiring GPS locations for clues?

Yes. On the More Hunt Details page, tap on Locations in Clues, then specify Ignore - Just Show Images.

You can also specify Reveal as Hint Only if you just hint where to take the clue image from, but don't want to require that they prove they were there.

Can I do this for just one clue specifically?

Yes. On the More Clue Details page, tap on Location Usage, then specify Ignore - Just Show Images. This works identically to the hunt, it just overrides the settings for this clue.

Can I include links in my rewards?

Yes! Just type them in, they will show up as blue links. You can also include phone numbers or addresses.

This works for hunt descriptions and hints as well.

Are private hunts truly private?

They are not discoverable via Find Nearby Hunts. If someone has a link to a hunt, they may view it.

What are QR codes, and why do I need them?

QR codes are those square blocky black and white images you'll see printed in magazines and on signs. They are computer readable representations of some text, often a URL for web browsers. They look something like this:

If you're creating a hunt for an event, you can print out an informational poster containing a QR code representing your hunt. When players scan the code with their phones, its hunt will be loaded in Klikaklu, without them having to enter a lengthy hunt code.

If your players don't yet have Klikaklu installed, scanning a Klikaklu QR code will instead take them to the App Store for installation. They can then scan it again to get the hunt. They will need a QR code reader app for this to work.

I created QR code clues. How do I print them out?

From the hunt overview screen, tap More, then Print poster/QR codes. You can then print them, have a PDF file mailed to you, or saved to Dropbox.

If I change the name of a hunt, does it change the QR code or hunt code?

No. Once you've saved a hunt to the server, its QR code will remain the same. The same is true for clues.

How do I set my avatar/picture?

From the Home screen (with the big Play a Hunt and Create a Hunt buttons), tap on the user image. This will take you the Profile page, where you can tap Edit in the upper right corner, and set your picture, either by taking a picture or choosing an image from your camera roll.

How do I change user accounts?

From the Home screen (with the big Play a Hunt and Create a Hunt buttons), tap on the user image. This will take you to the Profile page. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and press 'Change User'.

Can I see the progress of people playing my hunt?

Yes. From your hunt's overview screen, you should see a button that says Players at the bottom. That displays information about each player.

For private hunts, you can also get a notification on your phone each time they complete a clue, and when they complete the hunt. By default, clue notifications are turned off. To change this, go to More Hunt Details, then Notifications.

Can I get notifications for public hunts?

No. For safety reasons, we do not allow this.

One of my players says they finished my hunt, but I don't see it on my phone.

You are likely looking at a stale version of the hunt on your phone that hasn't yet refreshed. Auto update occurs every three minutes. From the hunt's overview or one of the progress/scoreboard screens, pull down to refresh.

Are you tracking my location?

When you create a hunt, the locations of your clues and the location where you initially created the hunt will be included in the hunt's information. In addition, when you play a hunt, and override a clue, the location is stored.

We do use your GPS to make the game work, but only send this information back to our servers when strictly necessary. For example, when finding nearby hunts, we need to do a query based on your location. In these cases, we don't track the information.

I can set a value called 'When' on a hunt. What's that for?

It shows when a one-time event of some kind will take place. It will appear on the hunt's description in lists, and on printed posters.

My child doesn't have an iPhone. Can they use mine to play hunts I've made?

Yes! The simplest way is to create a hunt, and have them play it (answer 'Yes' to 'Play Your Own Hunt?').

If they're interested in managing their own hunts, they can create an account, and you can switch back and forth between them. As a convenience, any accounts you sign in with using a username and password are remembered, and buttons will appear at the bottom of the profile screen to easily switch back and forth. You can even have passwords stored so the transition is very quick.

I let someone else use my phone, and now I want to remove their account from my frequent signins list. How do I do that?

If you swipe to the left across the button containing their name, you will be prompted to remove it.

We have a firewall that is blocking Klikaklu. What do I do?

If you are using Klikaklu over a wifi network that is protected by a firewall, you will need to add Klikaklu's servers to your firewall white list.

The two server hosts required are, and The port number (if needed) is 443 (https).

What's a Hunt Code?

This is a way of identifying a hunt if you don't have a link or a QR code for it. It's very rarely used, since the alternatives are much more convenient.

I'd like to use this for my business. Can I?

Absolutely! We now offer business pricing. When you create a hunt, choose Upgrade, then Business, and choose the option that suits your needs.

Do you have an Android version?

We're working on it. It's our highest priority right now.